Savings Through Innovation

Savings through innovation

You save time and reduce overall spend with Rooster IMC. Our end-to-end capabilities and innovative technology means you can do everything with us, from design to delivery. This unique set up ensures the value of your job is maximized with included benefits normally incurring a fee as a standalone service.

The Traditional Way

The traditional way

The Rooster IMC Way

The Rooster IMC way

Forget about the old model of having to coordinate with multiple suppliers to get your job done, save significant time and reduce costs by using the Rooster IMC end-to-end service.

Single-supplier model

With our single-supplier model, you can now simplify your work like never before. If you need to make changes, just pick up the phone and we’ll take care of the rest. With us, you have just one point of contact for your entire job.

The benefits

  • Save coordination time
  • Save on freight costs
  • Goods come in one go
  • Better control of your event
  • Peace of mind
  • Save administrative costs
  • Reduced accounting costs