IT Capabilities


We have a team of IT professionals working on new technology for cross-channel communications, brochure-building software and automated direct marketing, taking personalised communications to a new level.

IT Meets Printing

Customised solutions

Every service we provide can be customised to your needs. Whether it’s a digital marketing campaign, brochure building software or a multi-function website, we can tailor it to suit your brand.

Database integration

We can effortlessly integrate with your database to pull information for integrated campaigns and push newly acquired information back to your database. We can also provide you with other data services such as sanitisation and de-duplication, in line with Australia Post standards.

Disaster management

Our data is hosted with industry leaders, Microsoft Azure. Should any of the servers go down, we are covered by its extensive disaster and recovery plan.

Backup policies

We implement infrastructural backups for our products utilising industry best practice, and we conduct full daily backups and regular archiving of all information for our onsite databases.