Mailing Solutions

Mailing Solutions

Our service doesn’t end when your job does. We can also take care of the mailing for you too. Our group-wide range of mailing solutions include data cleansing, envelope messaging and shrink-wrapping. Talk to us about how we can help you save on your overall printing and mailing costs.

Mailing Services

  • Bulk Mail
  • Data Management
  • Direct Mail
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Intelligent Envelope Insertion
  • Insert Collation
  • Personalisation
  • Postal Barcoding
  • Postal Management
  • Shrink Wrapping

Mailing Capabilities


Intelligent cameras read any type of code on every station – the result is full accuracy. Our online address printer means no data errors and right piece delivery to every recipient.


Automated Insertion Management System (Closed Loop Processing) ensures that every envelope has the correct contents and its progress is recorded in detail.

Infrastructural Redundancies

Our mailing infrastructure has in-house redundancies and a backup redundancy arrangement with another leading mail house.

Integration Technology

Integrated technology ensures every envelope has the correct contents and its progress is recorded in detail.

Our mailing equipment and processes are integrated with our proprietary technology: Easy Direct Marketing (Digital Campaigns), Easy Brochure Builder (Customised Brochures), and our other digital print technology.

Mixed Job Capability

Our new mailing equipment is a twin system, capable of running a mixed job with DLX and C4 in the same run. It is a first of its kind machine in Australia and is the leading brand in Europe.


Our mailing equipment is within our secure CTV monitored facilities so can be used for privacy sensitive jobs such as exam results and invoices.

Single Service Provider

Our end-to-end capabilities ensure your job goes straight into mailing after printing and not have to be couriered to a different location for mailing services.

Additional Mailing Capabilities

  • In-built folding and collating means faster dispatch.
  • We have in-house plastic wrap and bagging machines.
  • Document matching capabilities for personalised inserts.


Neopost DS100 G3
  • Touch screen PC control
  • Speed: Up to 12,000 envelopes/hour
  • et thickness: Up to 8 mm
  • Envelope feeder capacity: 2,000
FastPac DI880 Folding and Inserting
  • Processes 25mm thick magazines and books
  • Inserts 3D articles into envelope
FastPac DI950 Folding and Inserting
  • High capacity envelope feeder
  • Precise paper handling
  • Handles multi-page statements
AddressRight DA95F Addressing System
  • High speed envelope printer
  • Precision controlled media path
  • Black and spot colour
Connect+ 1000 Series Colour Printer
  • New generation envelope printer
  • Prints marketing messages & logos in colour
  • Energy Star qualified
Norpak PolyProcessor
  • Windmill opener & inserter
  • Heat seal & splice system